Armagnothèque was formed by a group of friends, living in the South West of France, following a splendid evening of eating, drinking, talking and laughing.

People who love Armagnac find fascination in its individuality; its rustic nature and the unpredictability of not knowing what will be revealed in a bottle from the next, untried producer. Our members love Armagnac and share in the passion to unlock the mysteries of France’s oldest eau-de-vie and its acclaimed ’40 virtues’ to ‘conserve one’s health and stay on top form’.

Membership is free and we aim to meet once a month (at a restaurant, a producer’s domain or a private residence) for informal and educational tastings, which are typically followed by lunch (at cost).


Once a year we organise a Gala Dinner & Dance during which the Armagnothèque Awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze) are revealed, as voted for by our members.

The Armagnothèque website is linked to a number of interesting and informative Armagnac resources (blogs, tweets, forums), which we actively encourage members to participate within by sharing their Armagnac-related ideas, stories and experiences.

Although kindly supported by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l’Armagnac (BNIA), Armagnothèque is an independent and non-profit organisation

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